The IAPL Story 


Formerly NLBA(WI)Ltd. in association with Interisland Architects and Planners and NLBA Architects Ltd. Trinidad

Practicing in the Caribbean since 1946.

The work of the Firm reflects the emergence of a distinctive Architectural Style born out of the Caribbean climate and an awakening awareness of our rich historical and cultural heritage in an era of post-Colonial Independence.

With our pluralistic Cultural background here in the Caribbean, it is inevitable that our Architectural expressions be eclectic.  The challenge now is to generate a style which can be embraced by all of us here in the Caribbean as our own, since that would reflect to the world that we have become a cohesive, independent and unified Society.  We must therefore distill from the wide variety of Cultural influences an Architecture, which has popular meaning.

Interisland Architects and Planners Limited (IAPL) – (formerly NLBA(WI)Ltd. in association with Interisland Architects and Planners and NLBA Architects Ltd. Trinidad) has been providing a complete range of architectural services in the East Caribbean since 1946.

Interisland Architects and Planners Ltd. (IAPL) is the natural and logical result of the merger after over 25 years of collaboration of two firms practicing architecture in Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean – Interisland Architects and Planners and Newel Lewis Broadbridge Associates (WI) Ltd.

The IAPL enterprise is founded by Neville Skeete and Claude Guillaume on the principle of trust as the binding ingredient for a successful working partnership and for fruitful and effective Client/Architect relations.

Our 25 year success story attests to this understanding.

We see ourselves at the vanguard of an evolving profession in an emerging economic structure of inter-dependent post-colonial island nations of the Eastern Caribbean.

With the combined 75 years of experience in the practice of Architecture in Saint Lucia and the Eastern Caribbean of Neville Skeete and Claude Guillaume, we offer our enterprise as being ready, willing and able to contribute to the planning and development of our built environment – embracing contemporary methods and vision always with a deep respect for our history and our environment.

The resources of the Practice presently comprises 4 Architects, 5 Architectural Associates, 5 Architectural Assistants and 3 Administrative staff with as many as 20 computer work stations and over 25 years experience in developing CAD systems for maximum efficiency and effective service.

Interisland Architects and Planners Limited is keenly pursuing state of the art professional management and leadership techniques resulting in strong synergistic and computer networked systems of operation all for the benefit of participants and especially for our Clients whose interests are considered as paramount.

We offer full architectural and interior design services from project formulation and inception, design, design development, construction documentation and construction contract administration through to final completion and post-construction support services.


  • Government of Saint Lucia
  • Governments of St. Kitts and Nevis
  • Government of Dominica
  • National Insurance Property Development Company Ltd.
  • Saint Lucia Tourist Board
  • Caribbean Banking Corporation
  • The Catholic Church in Saint Lucia
  • University of the West Indies
  • The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, St. Lucia
  • Rex Resorts International
  • Caribbean Hotel Management Services (CHMS)
  • Windjammer Landings – Ellis Don International
  •  Johnson’s Hardware Limited
  • CoCo Palm Hotel – (Mr. Allen Chastanet)
  • Bay Gardens Beach Hotel – (Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Destang)
  • Saint Lucia Golf and Country Club
  • The Saint Lucia Air & Seaports Authority
  • Eastern Caribbean Financial Holdings Company (ECFH)
  • Unicomer Saint Lucia Limited – COURTS
  • National Insurance Property Development and Management Company Ltd. – (NIPRO)
  • Dive Saint Lucia – Dive School and Hotel at Rodney Bay (Mr. Daniel Buchler)